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24/7 Emergency Plumbing


0418 313 283 or 03 9798 3375

Any emergency, any time

You never need to worry whether there will be a plumber available to look after your emergency situation, Alderbrook Plumbing’s skilled plumbers are trained and equipped to tackle any plumbing emergency requirement.

Our experienced team can help with any type of urgent plumbing need, including:

  • blocked or overflowing drains – sewer, stormwater
  • Water heater bursts or breakdowns
  • No hot water
  • Burst or faulty hot water systems
  • Gas leaks, gas smells
  • Burst pipes & water leaks
  • Overflowing or cracked toilet
  • Blocked grease trap or drains
  • Raw sewerage overflow
  • Backed up toilets
  • Industrial gas fitting – liquid petroleum, medical gas, Co2
  • Fire services

No water?

No water to your home or business at all?

Firstly, check the Melbourne WaterWater supply and service updates mapfor information on possible work in your area which may be interrupting the supply of water to your property. The map is updated regularly. Therefore, you should get a fairly accurate account of what’s going on at the moment. If there’s no work scheduled or issues reported in your area call our plumbing team on 0418 313 283 or 03 9798 3375

Detected a leak in the mains water pipe?

If the leak is on the street side of your meter call Melbourne Water on 131 722 to report the leak. If the leak is in your dwelling or building or runs along your property, turn the water off at the main  and call our team on 0418 313 283 or 03 9798 3375 for assistance.

24-hour plumbers we will be there fast

Our vehicles are equipped to handle any emergency plumbing and drainage situation wherever you are in Melbourne. In addition, our tradesmen carry a full range of replacement parts on board, as well as the equipment needed to get any emergency job done that day.


If you have any urgent or emergency plumbing problems call our team of now.

0418 313 283   or 03 9798 3375

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