25 Oct

101 Plumbing Maintenance On Your Home

Plumbing issues can be problematic, when you rely on water/hot water for everyday functions. That’s why organising a plumbing maintenance contract is essential to avoid any problems with the plumbing system and appliances in your home. Plumbing maintenance 101 of your home involves three main components:

Plumbing Maintenance

  1. The water supply for your home – The supply of water to your entire home should be always intact and running if not, it can obviously cause plumbing issues. First and foremost, the plumber should ensure that the water from the main source is reaching all parts of your home, wherever water points are fixed. Then the plumber’s next task is to check the water pressure coming from every water outlet and make sure it’s at full pressure. There’s also a water meter fixed that should be checked to ensure its accurately recording the total amount of water supplied.

    In case of any plumbing emergencies, the first thing plumbers should do is to shut off the valve connecting the meter, so that water wastage is minimal. Anecdotally, figures suggest there is a tremendous amount of water wasted by way of plumbing emergencies in homes. Having a 101-plumbing maintenance for your home helps in avoiding such mishaps. By shelling out a little extra money, it not only saves water, it saves money and hassles.
    Don’t ever try to resolve plumbing emergencies yourself, as it may resolve temporarily and again reoccur, resulting in additional loss of water and added expense. So, leave plumbing emergency to the experts. They’ll also check every water fixture of your home, as part of their maintenance contract.

  2. Wastewater Drainage System – The wastewater drainage system is more complicated than you might think, it’s more complex than the water system. Different homes have varied systems for wastewater management. In some homes it might be a sewer system, while in others it can be a septic tank system. Overall, the wastewater drainage system requires the right experts and only some plumbers are either licensed or experienced to do this type of work. In these instances, if the plumbing company can’t carry out the work, they will recommend someone who can.
  3. Lastly the hot water systems also need regular inspection and maintenance and it’s good to leave it to a pro to service and inspect these systems. If you have a contract in place, the plumber will pay a visit at the stipulated time, and you can be free of all plumbing concerns.

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