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Gas Hot Water

Hot Water Plumbing

A gas continuous flow hot water heater will provide you with a strong and constant stream of hot water 24/7 and are suitable to run on either LPG or natural gas (depending on the make and model).  Available in varying sizes from a small 12 litre per minute flow rate up to a large 32 litre per minute flow rate there is an option to suit any residential property no matter if it is a small 1 bedroom unit or a large family home.  There are also gas continuous flow hot water heaters designed to suit industrial or commercial properties – so matter your requirements there will be a continuous flow model that will adequately and efficiently meet your hot water heating demands.


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A gas continuous flow hot water heater is an efficient unit as there is no storage tank continually heating your water to a set temperature, instead a gas instantaneous model automatically turns on when your hot water tap is turned on.  The water is heated as it passes through a heat exchanger, providing you with instantaneous hot water as and when you require it.  The unit will automatically switch off once you turn your hot water tap off.


Gas Hot Water


Another amazing benefit of the gas continuous flow hot water system is the optional temperature remote controllers that are available with many makes and models these days.  These temperature remote controllers allow you to pre-set your desired temperatures for different areas within your home, meaning that you can have hotter water in your kitchen and a more safe water temperature for your bathroom. 

Gas Hot Water


This feature is not only convenient in the sense that you will only need to turn on one tap to reach your preferred water temperature setting (rather than continually fiddling with the hot and cold taps) but it is also an excellent safety feature which greatly reduces the risk of scalds and burns to young children, the elderly and the mobility impaired. 

Gas Hot Water For example: with mixer taps becoming more and more popular it is so easy for a young child to just flick the tap and if it has been left on the hot setting, burns from the hot water to this child can very easily occur.  Should this happen and you have the temperature remote controllers installed, and your hot water is at a safe level, then the burns that this child may sustain will be greatly reduced or even eliminated. 

Some temperature remote controllers also have an automatic shut off level – meaning that you can run a bath, leave the room and the water will automatically turn off once it has reached your desired level.

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