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How much does emergency plumbing cost?

Both at home and at work, accidents and emergencies can easily crop up at the most unfortunate times. There are some incidents that can’t wait until the morning, which means you’ll require the assistance of an emergency plumber.

It’s understandable to be worried about the cost of these services, especially if you think a daytime plumbing service would be cheaper than a 3 am call-out. But if disaster strikes, then calling an emergency plumber could be unavoidable.

So, how much does it cost to fix issues like blocked drains, burst heaters and floods?

Emergency Plumbers

The cost of emergency plumbing

Plumbing callouts in Australia are usually $80-120, but this can rise to $150-250 for an emergency callout charge. The hourly rate can also be higher, perhaps even double the usual, with $150 being a common figure.

The callout charge typically covers the plumber’s time and transportation – if you live further away, you could end up paying more. Part of the price increase is for humane reasons; plumbers and other staff working tricky hours need more compensation for their services.

The average cost of a plumber’s services by the hour can vary depending on the state or region. For example, Victoria plumbers cost about $75 an hour on average during the daytime, which is cheaper than South Australia’s $85 an hour.

What else impacts the price?

The exact day of the callout might also add some extra fees – public holidays and weekends, for example. You can usually count on a flat fee for the service you require, but this too can vary somewhat. If a plumber needs to bring another team member or use special equipment, that can run up further charges.

You might also see a difference for more severe incidents. A flood is often pricier to fix than a burst pipe, for example, so always keep this in mind. This will all depend on how much work the local plumber has to do to fix the problem.

No matter the factors impacting the job’s price, you will always see high-quality results with an emergency plumbing contractor.

Is emergency plumbing worth it?

You might notice a higher cost at night, but this is pennies compared to the comfort of a quick fix. A plumbing concern can quickly spiral into a disaster, so it is important you take action as quickly as possible. For many of these emergencies, the cost of repairing it may balloon significantly by the morning as it worsens further.

This alone makes emergency call-outs worth the higher cost – a stitch in time saves nine, and plumbing is no exception. When you have a serious issue with your pipes or water, you should always try to fix it right away. By delaying in contacting a plumber, you might only be making things more difficult for your future self.

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