How Much Does Emergency Plumbing Cost?

When you encounter a plumbing problem, the tendency is to impulsively act and call a plumber, without first determining whether the issue can wait or not. If it happens in the night, a weekend or a holiday and you know that it can wait for the next day, knowing that the rates tend to be higher if you call them during off-hours. If the problem can’t wait, then its emergency plumbing. This means that there is risk of flooding, a sewer back up, you have no water, there is risk of burst pipe and your hot water system fails.  

In Australia, plumbers charge a range of call out fees varying from $50-$100 when they are called to visit your property and analyze the problem. After that, they are likely to ask for additional fee from $100 to $150 per hour, until the job is completed. The amount depends on the plumber, his skill level and the location of your residence. If they are called at infrequent hours, their fee could be higher. Some plumbers charge fixed rates for certain services, such as hot water repairs or installations and unblocking drains.

We at Alderbrook Plumbing are aware that only a small number of people would want to take cold showers. However, you may be forced to do that, if you have a problem with your hot water system.  When this situation occurs, you should call an emergency plumber to do the hot water repairs, so that you can get back the hot water that you require for showering, washing dishes, working the washing machine and other purposes. Also, because most plumbing problems tend to happen outside the 9 to 5 window, we are happy to offer emergency plumbing services too. So, if the issue occurs at odd hours and cannot wait, you can call us and we will be there to fix the problem.

You will know that you need a hot water repair, if the water is discolored and contains small loose particles of sand. Another sign is when there is a strong smell and an unusual sound coming from the water heater. If the tank leaks or the TPR valve is faulty, then it is time to call a plumber.

Our plumbers are fully licensed and experienced in this field. We are aware that, before we can do any plumbing or hot water repairs; regardless of how big or small the job is, the cost involved and regardless of whether the property is commercial, residential or industrial, our plumbers require a the necessary skills to complete the work. Our 24/7 emergency assistance can help you get back to your normal routine, as soon as possible. Our more than 30 years of experience in the hot water repair field can give you assurance, that we do exactly what we should, to repair your hot water heater.

Contact us for any of your hot water or emergency plumbing problems. Our skilled plumbers are always available, to address whatever issue you may have related to the plumbing system.

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