27 Sep

How Often Should A Hot Water Heater Run Each Day?

Anyone planning to purchase a hot water heater for their home will have several questions they need answered when considering a new system. One of the common questions tends to be how often should a hot water heater run each day? Hot water systems are a necessity in any home so, it is essential to understand the working and usage of it; first and foremost, so that it lasts you a reasonable amount of time.

The amount of time a hot water system should operate; depends on a lot of factors. On average, three hours a day is the ideal time for a hot water unit to run. However, the time it takes also depends on the type of heater and the requirements.

Hot Water Heater

  • Hot water system: Hot water heaters which run on gas usually takes 30 – 45 minutes to heat up the water.
  • Electric water heater: An electric water heater takes at least an hour to completely heat the water in the tank.
  • Solar water heater: Solar water heaters, similar to electric ones, can run for at least an hour a day. However, this time may get longer if it is a cloudy day, with not much sunlight.
  • Tankless heater: The latest technology in hot water heating is the tankless heater, which has no running time. It can provide you hot water at any time of the day.

You want to ensure you always check the condition of your hot water heater, to see if there is any possible problem starting to occur. A corroded hot water heater can be the reason for the leak in the hot water unit. If not, then there might be a leak in the connecting pipes, and you might notice a pool of water collecting near the hot water heating unit.

There are various ways to prevent leaks: one way is by installing a drain valve responsible for flushing the hot water heater. Another way is by maintaining the correct pressure and temperature inside the tank, a temperature-pressure relief valve can be used. But the final tip is if you install these valves in your hot water heater system, you should also ensure that these valves are not damaged at regular intervals, because this may cause more major problems, than in the case of not installing them.

If you switch off your hot water heater and still realise that it is running, the hot water tank could be suffering from other problems such as:

  1. Insufficient insulation
  2. Sediment and dirt built-up
  3. Old and worn-out tank

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