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13 July

Signs that it’s time for emergency plumbing in your home

You’ve probably had times when your plumbing ran wild, and you had no idea how to fix it. Here are several warning signals to check for so you know when it’s time to contact for emergency plumbing assistance.

1. Water leaks

Water leaks are not always a plumbing emergency. However, contact an emergency plumber immediately if you see any evidence of significant leakage. Water leaks can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Some leaks can remain unnoticed, and you may not discover the problem until it has caused significant damage to your home.

Mildew and mould may also develop, posing major health risks. It can cause itchy eyes, respiratory symptoms, asthma, and other health issues. Leaking water can potentially cause a fire because it might reach electrical cables. This can result in short circuits and broken wires. Then there are the financial consequences, especially if it has gone unreported for an extended period.

These are just a few reasons why a water leak may be a disaster. When you notice signs of severe leaking, give the issue immediate attention.

2. The smell of sewage

A sewer-like odour is another unpleasant sign of a severe plumbing problem. There are devices in place to pump sewer odours out of the system and prevent sewage from entering your home through your sink drain. If you smell sewage in your house, it’s most likely an indication that one of those devices is cracked or damaged and would necessitate emergency plumbing services for immediate repair.

3. Poor water pressure in several locations

Slower-than-normal water flow indicates that your pipes have trouble managing pressure. Poor water pressure in one location is typically okay and easy to fix. However, poor water pressure in several areas around your house might signal a problem with the water heater, water main, or supply line. When this indicator is combined with one or more of the other signs described above, call an emergency plumbing service immediately.

4. An increase in your water bill

If you notice that your water bill has increased dramatically, yet there is no significant change in your routine, you may have a problem. A surge in your water bill that you or your family did not cause might be the consequence of a quiet plumbing problem. Before calling a plumber for an emergency, examine your household to ensure it doesn’t result from increased water use. After you’ve ruled it out, you could discover that issues such as running toilets consume a lot of water. Leaks in your plumbing system may increase your bill, so call a plumber as soon as possible to spare yourself the money and trouble it’s causing.

5. Slow drainage

If you observe any sluggish drainage in your sink or shower, think about why it is occurring and take action before things worsen. Shower drains tend to drain slowly or clog because they usually contain soap scum and often collect hair. This problem becomes considerably worse when there is extensive usage, such as when numerous individuals use bath or shower facilities at the same time.

However, if all of the drains in your home are clogged, it indicates that one or more sewage lines are obstructed. To avoid costly repairs in the future, this sewer obstruction should always be handled as an emergency.

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