13 May

What Are Some of the Best Hot Water Systems to Use?

In every household it’s necessary and critical to have hot running water at all times. This is vital for everyday living, from baths, showers, hand washing,  laundry, cooking and dishwashing. You could end up using water of different warmth, up to 20 times a day or more. For that reason, you need the maintenance services of a plumbing Melbourne company to keep your hot water system functioning, at its optimum performance at all times.

With proper maintenance, your hot water system can last for a long period of time, anywhere from eight to ten years. However sooner or later, your hot water heater will show signs that it needs to be replaced and let’s accept it – even the best quality hot water system has a lifespan of only 10 years. Anymore than that and you can consider yourself fortunate. Also, if you have been living in the same residence for more than eight years, it is a must that you replace your hot water heater, sooner rather than later or at the very least have it maintained regularly. These are some reasons why you should buy a new hot water system and have it installed in your home to replace the old one.

  • old hot water system over 10 years old
  • water on heater inlet valve is rusty
  • hot water system is noisy
  • there’s a leak
  • you don’t have any hot water (an obvious one)

When you notice any of the above signs, call Alderbrook Plumbing to have your system inspected and determine whether a replacement is due. There are several hot water systems that you can choose from and some of the best ones include the following:

Hot Water Systems

1. Electric Hot Water System

This system uses a heating element inside a tank; just like how an electric kettle works. Heated water is stored in the tank of various capacities and ready for use.

2. Gas Hot Water System

It uses gas as the main fuel. It is ideal for big families because it heats twice as fast as the electric hot water heater.

3. Solar Hot Water System

Consists of a storage tank and solar connector panels and this system is a good example of an environmentally friendly solution for heating water. It uses solar energy, which is renewable and freely available.

4. Heat Pump Hot Water System

This system heats water like what a refrigerator does in reverse. Its evaporator absorbs the available heat energy and vaporises the refrigerant.

5. Instant Hot Water System

This is also sometimes called tankless water heater. It heats water directly, without the need for a storage tank. It gives continuous flow of hot water, while exhibiting energy efficiency.

If you are in immediate need of buying a hot water system, but can’t choose from these five options, you simply need to call Alderbrook Plumbing for help. Our team of experts and qualified plumbers can recommend the best one to buy and recommend some well-known and reputable brands, after they have assessed your requirements. We can work efficiently with almost any brand such as Rheem, Bosch, Vulcan, Apricus, Aquamax, Rinnai, Quantum and Thermann.

When you call us to book a repair or replacement service call, our crew will be always available to help. If you want a replacement, simply contact us at 0418 313 283, as we are experts in installing the best brands of the hot water system, anywhere. You can also visit our website: www.alderbrookplumbing.com.au, for more nformation.

We service the following areas: Noble Park, Dingley Village, Braeside, Aspendale Gardens, Bangholme Keysborough, Springvale,  Carrum Downs, Dandenong and surrounding areas.


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