What is Maintenance Plumbing?

A functional plumbing system is essential to modern life.

It needs to be consistently working properly. Plumbing issues, like dripping taps, blocked drains or a lack of hot water can cause stress to whoever lives or works there. When a system is working as it should, it is taken for granted, until some emergency happens. 

Plumbing maintenance contracts.

To avoid emergency call outs and expensive repairs, it would be worth considering entering into a maintenance plumbing agreement with Alderbrook Plumbing. We are reliable and dependable, operating in Keysborough and the surrounding areas. We can provide an annual or regular servicing of your home’s plumbing system.

Our services include:

  • inspection
  • testing
  • repairs
  • preventative actions

Our expert plumbers are knowledgeable, licensed, and professional. They carry out any type of plumbing service that is included in the maintenance agreement. You will be given a report detailing the status of what they have done, as well as highlighting potential future issues.

What is covered with maintenance plumbing?

There are a range of services that are included in maintenance plumbing.

Some of these are:

  • checking taps
  • roof plumbing
  • toilet
  • inside and outside drains
  • leakage
  • Sewer checking
  • Rainwater tank inspection
  • hot water system
  • plumbing appliance check

Maintenance Plumbing

Maintenance plumbing offers various benefits to a home.

Better water pressure

Good water pressure is always maintained. Regular maintenance gives you peace of mind; that you will always have great water pressure that your household needs for your everyday things, including taking a relaxing shower, once you reach home from work.

Health for the family

Leaking pipes attract mould and mildew and may cause health problems for all family members.  When our plumbers attend to your plumbing on a regular basis, these disease-causing substances can be prevented from spreading and causing further problems down the track.

Emergency repairs are more unlikely

Emergency repairs are costly and stressful. If you have a maintenance plumbing contract in place; potential problems can be easily detected, and you can avoid facing emergency repairs in the future.

Save money on utilities

It means that you can save on your monthly water bills, when you have maintenance plumbing. So much water is wasted in leaking pipes, dripping taps and other issues. Regular maintenance plumbing; enables you, to pay lower amounts on your bills.

* Increase your home value

When you decide to sell your property and you have taken care of your plumbing system it can contribute to the overall value of the property.

The above benefits are worth your considering; when you are thinking of scheduling a maintenance plumbing service from Alderbrook Plumbing. It can really make your daily life much easier. 

For additional queries or to schedule your own maintenance service, contact us at 0418 313 283 or visit us at We would love to help.

We service Keysborough, Springvale, Dandenong, Carrum Downs, Noble Park, Dingley Village, Braeside, Aspendale Gardens, Bangholme and the surrounding areas.


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