What Steps to take When Requiring Emergency Plumbing?

Plumbing emergencies occasionally happen in a home, which we can’t avoid. It just happens, but what is important is that you know how to handle it. The knowledge allows you to protect your home from damage and have a repair service at your home, business or property as fast as possible. This type of emergency can encourage or stir up sudden fear or anxiety that may often cause the absence of good decisions. The key here is to keep your cool and take steps before you call Alderbrook Plumbing  that will help you minimize the damage to your home.

The following steps are great to help you tackle a plumbing emergency, but always make sure that you call the plumber, while trying to fix what you can. It is also important that you know a reliable plumber is just a phone call away, so that when you call them for an emergency plumbing problem, they can be there in a short time. Before they come, however, these are the steps that you should take:  

* Turn off the water source that is closest to you.  This can be an act as simple as turning the valve behind your toilet or under your sink. When there is too much flooding, turn off the main water valve, normally situated outside near the nearest tap to the road. 

* Turn off your water heater after you shut off the main valve. It is a good idea, so that your unit will not get damaged.  

* Small leaks should be stopped as quickly as you can.  This is easy to do, if you have some plumber tape stored in your toolbox, you could utilise as a temporary fix. You can also use rags and towels and stuff them around pipes or have a bucket placed under a dripping leak. This will help prevent further damage. Once the emergency plumbing  team arrives, make sure that you mention the leaks to them, so that they can have them addressed accordingly.  

* Open drains outside your home to move water away, as there will still be water in the pipes, even if you have shut off the main valve. Give the garden hose a few squirts to eject the remaining water. 

* Call an emergency plumbing right away, to reduce damage and follow what they recommend. These trained professionals will know if the situation becomes dangerous and you are told to leave your home.

Contact us for immediate service, Alderbrook Plumbing
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Some plumbing emergencies that you may encounter include extremely hot water, taps dripping, leaking pipes, toilet blockages, gas leak, whirring disposals and waste smells. Alderbrook Plumbing can handle all these and many more. Do not hesitate to contact us right now. We will keep your home safe and everything in a smooth-running condition.

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