13 Jan

What Steps To Take When You Require Emergency Plumbing

It’s a common misconception that when a plumbing disaster hits, the only thing that the homeowner needs to do is ring a local, emergency plumber and then sit back and wait for their arrival. Whilst this is generally the right thing to do, several steps should be taken whilst waiting for one of our professionals to reach you. To guide you through what needs to happen, our team at Alderbrook Plumbing have created this blog post.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Emergency Plumbing 101: Turn the stop tap OFF

The first thing that should always be done in an emergency plumbing situation is to locate the stop tap and then turn it off. This will cut off the water supply and limit the damage that is already being done until one of our local plumbers reaches you.

Stop taps are usually located at the front of the house, underneath a council plate. However, they can also be located in a home’s kitchen or utility room. All you have to do to turn it off is twist it anti-clockwise.

Move furniture

Once the stop tap has been turned off, the next thing to do is to move your furniture away from the source of the problem. By moving any pieces of furniture that you can lift safely upstairs, less damage will be caused. This means that there is less for you to have to repair or replace once the plumbing issue has been fixed.

In a distressing scenario such as this, some homeowners find it a comfort to do something that distracts them from the issue at hand. Moving furniture is a great example of this. It also distracts the homeowner and stops them from attempting to fix the plumbing issue themselves, which is never recommended.

However, moving your furniture is also useful during emergency plumbing call outs as it gives the plumber a clear space to work. It also aids their investigations as to where the problem has occurred if this isn’t already clear.

Move away from the site of the Emergency Plumbing problem

The last step when waiting for your emergency plumbing team to arrive is to move away from the issue, but only when the above steps have been completed. Don’t attempt to mess around with the issue yourself, especially if you have no previous plumbing experience. This can make matters much worse, increasing the level of flooding or damaging your pipes even further. As hard as it may be, or as obvious as a solution may seem, we ask you to move away from the issue. This allows our team to get to work as soon as they arrive, giving them less work to do, which also lowers the price of your bill.

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