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Who Can Repair Or Replace Your Hot Water System?

If you’re dealing with a hot water system issue, there are probably a lot of questions that you are wanting to be answered. The first, and most important question, is who can repair or replace your hot water system? This article hopes to answer that and a few other questions related to water heater repairs.

Who can repair or replace your hot water system?

If you’re struggling with a leaky water heater or can’t get hot water on your property, you are going to want to call in professional help. Regardless of the type of water heater, you should always call a local plumber to inspect and repair the hot water system.

There are a few common repairs for hot water systems that plumbers are keenly aware of. They can accurately inspect your hot water system and offer a solution to get hot water running in your property once more. The type of repair work is going to depend on the type of hot water system you have and the cause of the issue. For electric water heater systems, a system reset is often enough to remedy any problems. If that doesn’t work, then it is most likely one of the following:

  • A thermostat malfunction
  • A blown fuse
  • A malfunctioning heating element
  • Improperly crossed hot and cold connectors

Hot Water SystemIf you are using a gas water heater that isn’t working as intended, a system reset might also be conducted. However, as it does not rely on electricity to run, resetting doesn’t usually address the issue. For gas hot water systems, the most common reasons for a problem include:

  • Gas supply issues
  • A broken gas valve
  • Thermocoupling problems
  • Pilot light malfunctions

Regardless of what the issue is, it is important to call in a professional plumber to inspect the system and identify the problem.

Can a hot water system be repaired?

Hot water systems can absolutely be repaired, but it requires a professional plumber to do the work. Generally speaking, a plumber will perform a few different tasks to address the issues mentioned above. They might look to replace faulty parts, reset the system or flush the water heater to make sure there are no blockages. Gas or electric hot water systems are comprised of several parts which could fail. If any one of these components degrades or is faulty, then it could cut the hot water system off and stop hot water. Common examples of these components failing include the thermostat and the piping of the hot water system.

We recommend flushing hot water systems once or twice a year to keep them in good condition. Over time, sediment accumulates in the system and, over time, it can cause a blockage. This can be more problematic in areas that have high concentrations of minerals in their water.

Always use a professional plumber

So to recap – if you have any problems with your hot water system, you should call a professional plumber to repair or replace the system or its components. Visit Alderbrook Plumbing at alderbrookplumbing.com.au or call us on 0418 313 283.

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