11 Feb

Who Repairs Hot Water Systems?

Is your hot water system letting you down? Is it causing problems, and not performing at it should? A hot water heater is usually steady and trustworthy and lasts between 10 -15 years. This may be the reason why you don’t give it much thought, until you have no hot water one day.

Some of the most common problems associated with a hot water system are the following:

  • no hot water
  • odd noises
  • water leak
  • no water pressures
  • corrosion and rust
  • broken drain valves
  • Gas issue or leak or electrical problem.

These are emergency cases and a DIY approach is not recommended, to fix any of these issues. Instead, you should call a reliable, certified and experienced plumber to assess the problem. Depending on the plumber’s findings, a repair can be performed, if not a replacement might be recommended. It is important to remember that only a plumber can repair or suggest a replacement for your water heater.

Repairs Hot Water Systems

Alderbrook Plumbing in Melbourne specialises in both hot water repairs and installations of new units. We know we can provide you the best customer service and hassle-free hot water repairs. Our team of qualified plumbing technicians are happy to offer same day service guarantee and they are equipped with every tool that they need to fix hot water systems, whatever the brand. These are experienced plumbers, who can advise you, which option will be best – a repair or a replacement.

If your hot water system is already eight years old, we believe it is safe to recommend a replacement. Some hot water heater problems are easy to fix and if you have a bit of DIY knowledge, then you may be able to do the trick. However, a leaking hot water system should not be treated lightly. It may cause damage to the hot water tank, besides causing mold breeding fungi. Anything that relates to a gas or electric issue should only be handled by licensed trades people in that field.

Other instances that demand replacement of hot water system are as follows:

  1. When dirty water forms a coating at the bottom of the container or cylinder, that is a sign that your hot water heater may have a major leak problem in the structure.
  2. When there’s heavy noise, caused by sediment build up.
  3. Old age. Most brands of the hot water system last from 10-15 years, may break down in between or just after.
  4. Inability to supply a household’s current needs or cannot provide enough hot water.

Normally, the plumber would be in the best position to know whether it would be best to install a new hot water heater or continue with the repairs that can cost you substantially more in the long run.

Therefore, at the first sign of an emergency plumbing issue, such as rust or corrosion, leaks and other signs of wear and tear, it will be best to call a plumber from Alderbrook Plumbing, as quickly as possible. They are the best people for the job at hand.

You can contact us on 0418 313 283, if you want your hot water heater inspected, repaired or replaced. We also do maintenance services that can prolong the life of your device.

For more information about the wide range of plumbing services we provide, visit us at www.alderbrookplumbing.com.au.

Our service Aspendale Gardens, Springvale, Keysborough, Dingley Village, Braeside, Noble Park, Carrum Downs, Bangholme, Dandenong and surrounding areas.


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