26 July

Why Replace My 15-Year-Old Hot Water Heater?

Is your hot water system not doing its job like it used to? Now you’re wondering whether you’d have it repaired or replaced with a new system. After all it’s been in your home for over 15 years. Before you decide on what to do, first call a professional plumbing company Keysborough to have your hot water system checked. A good plumber can tell if a repair is still worth a considering, or whether its time to consider a brand-new system.

That is your first step – to find a reliable, experienced, and trusted plumbing company like Alderbrook Plumbing in Keysborough. Our team carries out hot water heater repairs, installation, and replacements.

Let’s accept it – like other home appliances, your hot water system will need to be replaced at some point in the future.

Hot Water Heater

Here are some factors that indicate that you should look for a replacement for your system:

  • The age of your hot water heater

A hot water heater that is regularly maintained and receiving prompt repairs can be used for many years and most of them usually last from 15 to 20 years. If your system is older than 20 years, it’s most often better to install a new system, even if your present heater is still working adequately to avoid a major breakdown.

  • Low volume of warm water

This is another indicator that your hot water system is declining in quality due to age or lack of maintenance. You should consider purchasing a brand-new system.

  • High heating bills

Most of the heating energy costs represent the usage of hot water in your home. If your water heater starts to fail frequently, resulting in rising heating bills, then it would be to your advantage, if you could have it inspected to see if it needs a replacement.

  • Corrosion

If corrosion appears in your hot water, it generally means that your system cannot be repaired; hence a replacement is necessary.

  • Water discolouration

When you turn the tap on and there’s a reddish tint to the hot water that is a sign of rusting on the inside of your hot water heater.

  • Frequent repairs

Your hot water system shouldn’t need to be fixed; more than a couple of times in a year. Imagine the amount of money you have to spend for your hot water system repairs to make it last longer. Instead, you should arrange to install a new one.

If you still can’t decide, get a professional opinion on whether it’s time to have your hot water heater replaced. An experienced team from Alderbrook Plumbing can give you the right answer, especially when your hot water system is old and beyond repair.

Contact us at 0418 313 283 to schedule a hot water heater replacement or visit us at www.alderbrookplumbing.com.au for more information. We have 25 years of experience in the industry, and we have served thousands of residents in Keysborough and surroundings areas.

Save our number on your contact list, so that you can simply call us when you need hot water heater repair, installation, or a replacement.

We service Dandenong, Springvale, Noble Park, Carrum Downs, Braeside, Aspendale Gardens, Dingley Village, Bangholme, Keysborough, and surrounding areas.


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